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Proper banging OMC TV session from Benny OMC on Monday night, if you missed the show catch it again below including the full tracklist.


01. Uptown Connection ‘LA’
02. Bargecharge ‘Hold The Bunker’
03. Freq Nasty ‘Brooklyn To Brixton (Freestylers ‘Raw As Fuck’ Remix)’
04. Ed209 ‘Be-Bop’
05. JDS ‘Blackout’
06. The Autobots ‘Chickers’
07. Breakneck ‘3ears’
08. Vigi & Flip ‘Freak Frequency (Vigi & Flip’s Unbalanced Mix)’
09. Breakneck ‘Summerize’
10. Jakes ‘3Kout’
11. Cotti ‘I Don’t Give a Dub’
12. Balo ‘Don’t You Walk Out (Duncan Gray’s Dub2Club Mix)’
13. Ian Pooley presents Blue Lite ‘Enlite’
14. Hardfloor ‘Devils & Donuts’
15. Phuture ‘Acid Tracks (Posthuman Remix)’
16. Vitalic ‘La Rock 01’
17. Nifty ‘Nifty’
18. Unknown Artist ‘Clones 004 (Joey Beltram – Energy Flash)’
19. Jeff Mills ‘The Bells’
20. Unknown Artist ‘Clones 005 (Phuture – Acid Tracks)’
21. Special Request ‘Ride VIP’
22. Special Request ‘Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)’
23. Plug ‘Run’
24. Source Direct ‘The Crane’
25. Ram Trilogy ‘Huggy Bear’
26. DJ Hype ft MC Fats ‘Peace, Love & Unity (Remix)’
27. Dillinja ‘Vicious’
28. Ram Trilogy ‘Mind Overload’

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