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This Sunday is the OMC 9th birthday!!!

Now normally we would be getting mad drunk in The Angel, dropping rave and having the best time…. but shits got weird yo!

So join us this Sunday for the ‘9th Birthday Streaming All Dayer’

Line up is being sorted at the moment but there will be a quiz, with prizes (possibly) at some point during the stream 🙂

Its going to be epic fun so please tune in, you can do this on various platforms (as Facebook has a habit of muting / dropping the stream.. boo Facebook)

Facebook –
Twitch –
Youtube –
Twitter / Periscope –

All of this will be archived as well on the channels plus mixcloud so you wont miss out.

Plus if it all works we will be hosting a Zoom pub chat room as well – will send a link to this even on the day 🙂

So future!

Stay Indoors · Wash Your Hand · Keep It OMC

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